Pure nitrogen diffuses through rubber at a 30% slower rate than air; making it the clear choice as improved pressure maintenance is concerned. Nitrogen is 50% less soluble in rubber than oxygen. Studies done by Bridgestone in passenger tires showed that internal pressure loss rates were reduced 45% when using pure nitrogen inflation.

When It Comes To Your Car, You Can Never Be Too Safe.

What you may not know is putting air in your tires can be dangerous. Natural air has condensation and moisture that will expand and contract with temperature changes. This can reduce or increase tire pressure outside the recommended limits. Air also contains 21% oxygen, which is the primary factor in weakening the interior of the tire wall. We replace the air with Pure No.7, a pure nitrogen product, that is used in many high performance applications like Air Force One, NASCAR, Formula 1, Tour de France Bicycles and More!

Pure No.7 will maintain the pressure in your tires making it much safer to drive and can extend the life of your tires up to an additional 50%. Keeping properly pressured tires longer also means you can see fuel savings up to 15%, reducing your overall emissions from the vehicle.